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Started by Violette, July 15, 2006, 19:35:04

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I don't understand the difference  :(


Somewhat Basically...

In the sample menu you have your *.wav file.
If you want to get that note at a higher pitch, it plays it slightly faster. Lower pitch plays it slightly slower.

However when you start increasing or decreasing the speed drastically...It starts sounding unrealistic.

The instrument option allows you to use multiple samples recorded at different ranges to preserve the  natural sound of the instrument.

At C4 it will reference to play sample 1  and at C#4 it will reference sample 2  for example.

Also the Instrument option gives you the ability to apply an Envelope over your samples.  The volume envelope allows you to fade in your samples or fade out or go up and down or whatever you choose Volume wise.

You also have envelopes for Panning aswell as pitch.

There are many more differences between the two. Basically the instrument is the power to control your samples.
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There isn't a difference between samples and instruments. Instruments are an addition to samples.

See it as the table with the chair.

An instrument basically allows you to be more flexible in your sound without having to do it all by yourself. For instance: allows you to control what happens if another note is being played (NNA) It can also select a sample for you given to the note you play. Eg: c-5 plays sample 01, while d-5 plays sample 02.

Next you can set envelopes to control the sound on press and release and stuff..

So basically: you control your samples with an instrument.
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Thank you :)
I'll read all that a dozen more times and then I'll get it.