A quick couple of questions

Started by Rylo, July 13, 2006, 16:07:10

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I've found two things annoying me in MPT, I bet I've somehow toggled the option off or something. Anyhow, I hope someone can tell me how to fix the following problems!

1. If I hold the down arrow key in pattern edit, the cursour continuously moves downwards until it reaches the bottom. If I hold the up arrow however, it only moves one row and then stops.

2.The '@' key doesn't produce a note when I press it in pattern edit mode! Why is this! It's annoying when I want to add a sample in the note of B.




1) Make sure "on key hold" is checked in for "Navigate 1 row up" in the "pattern editor - general" section of the keyboard setup

2)You can assign most any key to any note in the "pattern editor - note col" section of the keyboard setup.


Sorted, thanks very much for the quick response.