Video and Sound library Support for MPT

Started by KrazyKatz, July 08, 2006, 07:59:27

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I am composing for short movies these days... It would be great if MPT in future had the capacity to play Videos whilst the music was going... and if you clicked half way through the song it would jump to half way through the movie and vice versa. I understand that other composing programs can do do this.

Also would be nice if I didnt have to convert all my sample libraries to *.IT in order to use them in MP. Dont suppose there is some way that Modplug could recognise them maybe using VSTs?

I'd be interested in talking to the current developers... There are a few ideas I'd like to put in place... and I believe that there should be some sort of reward for them.  I think if everyone puts there ideas together for what they want and donate as much as they can or feel fit, it would create more incentive to those developing.

Who is with me on this?
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