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Started by Linkiboy, July 06, 2006, 02:27:23

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Hi there. I am a Nintendo DS developer(homebrew) and I've run into a small problem.

I am converting my mp3's to mod files(since they take up little CPU power). I've gotten pretty far, the sound sounds correctly, but when I save it as a .mod file, my sample is suddenly trimmed for some reason, and only about the first 15 or so seconds are played, and then its total silence. I don't know if switching to openmpt will solve the problem, but I'm getting annoyed now, and I would like to know if this community can help me...

Squirrel Havoc

.mod has some strict limitations (and using OMPT to go around them wont work, the resulting mod files wont be compatible).

If you are talking about music, like 5 minute songs, then find a better way to play them :) If for some reason you want to collect mp3 sound effects into a mod (which would be weird), and they are short, then hmm I dont know what would be going wrong.
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you cant just convert an mp3 to a mod, it would be utterly pointless to do so.  it would be the same effect as converting the mp3 to an uncompressed wav file, which would be rather huge for a ds game.  
mod files are not just another compressed format, they are as different from an mp3 as a midi file is.


I'm guessing that the problem is that you've put the entire song sample into the first pattern of the MOD, which plays through and repeats itself after the pattern ends.

As others have advised - don't do it!


Nevermind, I figured it out myself. I found a small program which spits out 10 second wav files and used those as samples and it worked perfectly, the end product was 1.2MB smaller than the original wave, and just as good-sounding.

And I just tested it on my DS, plays wonderfully.