MIDI Export - Where is the volume information being stored in the MIDI file?

Started by NorrinRadd22, February 02, 2024, 07:37:02

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When I import my individual channel MIDI files to Cubase 10, I notice that the initial volume of a note is recorded as the velocity, but hand entered volume envelope information in the way of the volume column doesn't appear to anywhere in the midi file. I suspect this information might be saved in a MIDI CC that does not show up by default in Cubase? Pitch bend information appears to come through no problem.

Does anyone know what CC the volume column might be found in, or where that information might be so that I can use to for more accuracy in Cubase?

Saga Musix

This information is not written to MIDI files. Volume handling in tracker modules and in MIDI (and by extension, VST plugins) is so fundamentally different that there is no simple way of translating them that will always work, and thus only note velocity is attempted to be exported. It would be possible to approximate tracker volume handling by only using MIDI CC 7 and always setting note velocity to 127, but that only works as only as a single note is played on a channel, so it would effectively cap the polyphony of the MIDI file at 16 notes (this would be similar to how MPE works).
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