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15 years

Started by Saga Musix, October 10, 2023, 18:35:07

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Saga Musix

A while ago I reminded myself that my first OpenMPT contributions were made in 2008, and while it's hard to tell (and maybe a bit pointless to try doing so) on which exact day I started dabbling with the code, it appears that the first contribution that found its way into the codebase was commited 15 years ago today! Time flies... Going back to those old versions of OpenMPT always shows me how clumsy they were to use due to many missing shortcuts, of which made were soon after I joined the development.
Here's to 15 more years!
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To me, OpenMPT is one of the best open source music programs available.  Thank you for your contributions!


Thank you for your hard work!


Thank you for your contributions to this amazing program!


Thank you Saga for putting this huge amount of energy and free time in to developing this freely available and great music making program. That's something one should no take for granted! And I love the shortcuts in Openmpt  :) ! For me it's the most immediate way of making music with the computer.