Shift E and Ctrl D in Instrument Tab

Started by FWL, October 08, 2023, 20:08:06

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According to the keyboard shortcutlist CTrl-D should duplicate an instrument. Shift E should make a empty new instrument, like the behavior in the sample tab ( according to the tooltip when you hover over the icon for new instrument). But as far as I can tell Ctrl-D doesn't work en Shift E duplicates. Is this change intended or did something break?


Saga Musix

Yeah, it seems like the Duplicate Instrument shortcut is not implemented properly. The fact that your new instrument shortcut appears to trigger Duplicate Instrument instead is because the modifier key is Shift, so the code that would normally detect if Shift is held when pressing the corresponding button is running. All of that isn't intentional of course, so needs to be fixed.
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