Help with registering DeltaSP / Macaw DAW VSTs

Started by jmkz, July 03, 2023, 00:47:23

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For some old modules I used DeltaSP / Macaw DAW Plugin Bundle, but I stopped using because new features and modern security in OpenMPT make them no longer working. AFAIK, should load through PluginBridgeLegacy, however, is there a way to manually register and enforce loading with PluginBridgeLegacy?

Plugins in question:

PS, thanks for all hard work  8)

Saga Musix

From my understanding, those plugins would not work even with the legacy plugin bridge:

If adding the plugin to the plugin manager failed, it means that loading it both with the modern and the legacy bridge has failed, and you would have to return to an earlier version of Windows in order to use this plugin.
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