midi mapping openMPT internal controls

Started by 6xes, July 02, 2023, 05:06:06

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im curious if various aspects of the internal functions of openMPT can be midi mapped
unsure if some can be control via vst?
midi mapping the following:

channel muting
channel soloing
channel volume controls
transport controls (play/pause stop etc)
tempo adjustment

i know a program like Bomes midi can convert a midi press to keypress... but this always requires the keypressed application to be focussed, which is a slight inconvenience...
if however you are using midi... no application focus is needed..

my usage case is mixing and mashing up Openmpt modules, integrating & externally syncing applications like maschine/Reaper/Traktor in the process...
so far i have Openmpt linked with ableton &maschine for quite a well sync'd mash-up... i suspect Traktor will sync up with everything... as it will receive clock, much like maschine...  Reaper is the only application i will need to figure out for syncing

Saga Musix

You can assign any shortcut to MIDI CCs or MIDI notes. No need for external translation tools.
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i see what you mean... i checked the manual after seeing your comment!
thanks for the heads up