Ableton live follow sync with OpenMPT works

Started by 6xes, July 02, 2023, 03:05:41

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hi, all just wanted to throw this peice of information out there... for those who love the idea of mixing the old with the new

This works with the ableton lite version too
with the follow setting enabled.. you can send audio output of Openmpt to input channel1/2 in ableton and it will do a reasonable job of following the tempo of Openmpt... from this point where abletons tempo clock is sync'd you can also send midi out clock signal to an external slave application to sync as well...
in my particular case the routing was as follows
openMPT(audio-out) ---> Ableton follow(audio input1/2)|ableton midi clock out ---> Maschine (clock receive)

one thing you need to be aware of... is when changing songs inside of OpenMPT, ableton follow needs to be resync'd by pressing stop/play and the new tempo is recognised and sync'd across the applications!!


i should also mention the audio being sent out of openMPT requires a rhythmic pattern for Abletons tempo follow to sync up with....
if for example you only have a synth playing... with no rhythmic pattern for the ableton follow to sync with... its not going to workout the tempo