[FEATURE REQ] - David Whittaker Mod Support

Started by Tlen, June 30, 2023, 08:44:05

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just discovered this library via Foobar Plugin.

I think it would be fantastic to add to the library

the David Whittaker (Altered Beast, Wrath of Demon etc..) mod file type.

Actually it can be read only by Deliplayer, Xmplay.

Hope this will be implemented!

Thank you!

Saga Musix

Unfortunately the problem lies already in the thread title: DW is not a module format. There is no documentation on it but from my understanding this format is not based on pattern data similar to ProTracker or other trackers. You won't find support for this format in any other module playing engine either (libxmp, mikmod, dumb, etc...). The only way to play this format is through emulation of the original playback code, which is what Deliplayer and xmp-delix do.
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Yes, you're right.

The DW is a custom format with a custom dedicated replay code which is not tracker-like.

And i understand from your point of view that this libray is Tracker based.

So... Ok i tried it :)

Thank you anyway for your support and good work!