(piano&orchestral) Barge o Whisps, Farmer, Valley of Ghosts, Lonely Blossom(ogg)

Started by Exhale, June 28, 2023, 18:41:20

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I've always been partial to a bit of piano (believe it or not) Had one as a kid but never learned to play it, so the mellow sound of piano hits the spot for me.

These are nice mellow tunes, i wondered where you were hiding

Amazes me how much atmosphere you can get from just the piano.


Yeah the piano atmosphere is exactly what I was going for with these, some brighter, some darker.  With use of reverb and echo for room sculpting, some careful chord progression choices, and keeping the pace calm you can really invoke the wonder and awe of exploring a giant world like mineclone's.
For those who are interested, if you download minetest (free and open source) and then get the latest mineclone game for the engine, you will hear at least 3 of these coming through randomly every once in a while. Our team of very talented lua programmers are working on making the tunes (and the others we have) more situational, but for now they mostly play randomly. :)
The only one that will be added still is Barge o Whisps, which I only made last night, but should be able to make it into the new update which should drop this weekend.
The turtle moves!