Bug with VSTi's sounding off-pitch

Started by Harbinger, June 28, 2023, 17:14:54

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I have looked everywhere here and in the Issue Tracker, AND in history.txt, and i cant find the page on a found bug that occurs with a recent build, when VST instruments are not being reset when passing portamento commands like Exx or Fxx.

Can someone please link that for me? I just want to know if it was fixed in a more recent build than what i have?

Saga Musix

I am not aware of such a bug, neither fixed nor unfixed.
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Thats strange! I thought i saw it maybe 2 weeks ago, and you had addressed it. I thought it was in the Issue Tracker, but i searched under "pitch bend" and "portamento"...it was about the pitch bend not resetting when playing back. Maybe it was some other forum...

Now im finding the problem with a VSTi, and now i need that post! 😀

I"ll keep wracking my brain. If i cant find it, i'll post the bug over there...