(House/Rave) Side Effects [mp3]

Started by n0cturn, June 12, 2023, 01:09:24

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How can you tell if the medication isn't working?

Still stuck in a bit of a weird phase.

Theres a low rumbling bass in this so tinny little speakers won't cut it. Big bass speakers turned up, preferably in a small room with lots of shelves filled with breakable objects... perfect!



at the end i hear sth like "Metall am Technik"... do you have any idea what they saying?
You are allowed to remix my songs ONLY in TRANCE/GOA/PSYTRANCE GENRE and NO Trap HiHat Rolls PLEASE


I know what the voice samples are saying... "Pentothal, and later, methyl amphetamine" its from a 50's black n white horror film.