The dark side of making music.

Started by Exhale, May 27, 2023, 01:17:10

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I think a lot of people need to hear this.
I know I do, I know a few people in my life need to hear it, and I think now that AI is here, maybe even the people who think they already know this, need to be reminded of this.
The turtle moves!



It is an interesting video and has all the reasons I dumped music years ago, now I do it just for fun and do it just for myself really, I just enjoy the process of making something from nothing no matter how weird it (usually) is. Without the 'fun' element I doubt I'd bother.

Just have fun, anything else is a bonus


Yeah I think many of us have been in and out of these thoughts, but in the end of the day, sometimes we forget why we have come back, and of course some havent been in and out of those thoughts, but with AI pretending it can kill artists of all kinds, which is a thought that comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of why artists make art, I think it is important we all continue encouraging each other to create our art.
If you arent making music for yourself, and pretty much only for yourself, then you are probably going to fall into these mental traps... I know I do even though I am making my stuff for me, so even we who know why we do it can fall into the mental dark spots.
So we need to encourage each other, the last thing we need is a world where only AI makes things.
The turtle moves!


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