Automatic playback from cursor after note entry

Started by A11CF0, May 18, 2023, 19:38:40

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As it's already possible to start playback from the current cursor position, I think it would be convenient to have an option of  triggering it on note input. This is clearly not what everyone needs, but it can be useful when trying to quickly record something over a playing song without worrying about the timing of the first note entry. What do you think about this? Is something like this technically feasible?

Saga Musix

Note that with a MIDI keyboard, you can already do this by enabling the "continue song as soon as MIDI notes are being received" option. Maybe that's good enough? Timing of subsequent note input can still be a bit off because the output device may take a few milliseconds to open, though :)
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Oops. Since I don't have a MIDI keyboard, I meant a regular one.