Keyboard Shortcuts are a Joke!...Get Real...

Started by SewerSide, May 03, 2023, 21:37:02

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Just came across the most advanced Loop Manipulation Tool ever coded can't believe it's over 20 years old now-

Devine Machine 5 Standalone-

After making a VSTi version they embarked on a project for FXpansion which was GURU which was a joke in comparison. I think most were turned off by the 'alien' style GUI of DM5...

So what does that have to do with title subject?...Nuthin' It's just 'general chatter'...

OK what I do have to talk about is the ridiculous concept of the 'keyboard shortcut'. QWERTY keyboards were made for typing not as shortcut hardware.

Sure some simple shortcuts like hitting spacebar can be done without 'touching' other keys by mistake but what about 'heavy compound shortcuts'? 3DS Max has a Update background image = ALT-SHIFT-CTRL-B now with that sort of nonsense you might as well hook up a MIDI Keyboard & start playing chords...

There are better solutions for ANYTHING... Trackers, Piano Rollers, Audio Editors, MIDI Sequencers...

The Microsoft Strategic Commander-

These came out in like 1999 I got one for Xmas then & used it on AOE II alot but for these days it is a programmable shortcut machine for your left hand...Up to 72 total steps can be programmed...

Now the software don't work on modern machines but a guy coded another that works-

As years went by the later commanders did not have this same function. These are heavy-duty...

Using the soft you can map any button press to any key COMBO or SINGLE also you can specify if it is to be a continuous press or pressing just gives a 'one-shot'. Once you get it all laid out you can save the profile for the app you are using so using for as many as you want is no problem.

It also has swivel function and a N-S-E-W function...I at some time may try to figure how to get the swivel to say regulate pen pressure (this may work just fine in bodypaint).

I got 3 of these now you can get 'em off EBAY for 15-20 bucks they were 100 bucks new back in the day.


This sounds like a post i'd make while pissed, really not sure what its about.


Hmmm...OK, I looked it over seems fine...Maybe too much of my 60+ years of personality...Sorry.

As to what it's about it is just awareness I guess, That there's other ways of doin' things like setting up shortcuts. I don't see this information about the strategic commander anywhere at all...

So just bringing awareness. This a useful tool beyond thunderdome when setup & you get used to it...



SewerSide what is your avatar?


My Avatar is my own creation from a Marvel Character from the mid-70s which was the BiBeast...

It is on my SoundCloud Header-

I made it like 1.5 years ago modeled in Nendo-

Then finished up in old C4D XL7-

Here is early image of work starting in Nendo with the reference images from old Hulk comic (and other)...


Seeing that you are a 3d modeler, you should try bforartists, it is a user friendly edition of Blender that has been customized for use by artists, it is free open source software. Here is the current edition


Yeah, I have checked bforartists out years ago. But it don't work with XP anymore plus it's STILL blender which I hate. Like Trackers I don't use what everybody else uses...

Here's a very good 'undiscovered' 3D FULL app that I cannot figure out why more don't use it...Way easier than any blender-

It also uses Dark Tree Materials directly in it's material editor, how awesome!

I DO like OLD blender though...2.49b really rocked, i might get back into using that version again...

Thanks, Newbie