Auto-tune Evo "Make Notes" button affects the entire song

Started by Polaris911, March 31, 2023, 13:35:50

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Does anyone use Auto-tune in OpenMPT?
Am I doing something wrong?

My process:
I'm using Auto-Tune Evo 6.0.9 in Graph mode.
I have my vocals routed through the Auto-tune VST.
I toggle "Track pitch" button in Autotune.
I play a song section in OpenMPT (Auto-tune tracks it in realtime)
After I'm done, I stop the song, untoggle "Track Pitch"
Then I press "Make Notes" button, which draws the notes on the graph
I usually have to manipulate the note bars by hand to get the best sound

The problem is pressing "Make Notes" will do the ENTIRE song every time (instead of the small section I just tracked). So if I have already tracked and manually edited Verse 1, then I later Track + Make notes on Verse 2, all the manual changes I did to Verse 1 get reset to "Make Notes" defaults. >:( This means I have to go back and manually edit Verse 1 notes all over again. Is there a way to Make Notes on only a section of the graph? Or lock sections of the graph from changes?