Anyone have physical copies of these 1990s tracker compilation albums?

Started by SYRiNX, August 30, 2022, 20:19:03

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  • Nebula Musicworks "Parallel Dimensions" (two CDs)
  • Landslide "Trax" (one CD)

I'm looking for the track listings, album art, disc art, and liner notes.

I helped produce both albums, but all I have in storage are the original CD-R master discs we sent to manufacturing.  My only physical copies of the end product were stolen ~20 years ago, and shortly thereafter a hard drive crash wiped out my only digital copies of the track listings and art assets.

The CD-R masters have all thankfully survived ~25 years and are still readable, but they do not contain anything but the audio tracks, and I've been unable to find any photos/scans or track listings online.  And all of this predates The Wayback Machine by at least a few years, so there's almost zero record online of these ever having existed at all.

If any "old timers" like me still have track listings, art assets, or physical copies of these albums, please do me a HUGE favor and help me reconstruct these important parts of my personal history.

Thanks in advance!
(of N.O.I.S.E. | Landslide | Nebula, 1994-1999)