Valhallashimmer causes crackling.

Started by sso, February 02, 2023, 10:56:52

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One of my favorite plugins causes immense crackling to the point of the sound being completely fucked.

Its a weird problem, since when i opened up a older song, this happened. so i went along disabling all the plugins to see what was the problem.

And it was valhalla shimmer 32bit and im running 64 bit now. Whats interesting is that i changed it to 64 bit and then it worked fine.

Except when i reloaded the song, then the problem happened again with the 64 bit version of the plugin.

I noticed this also in the version of mpt before the new one, which i just updated too.

Except, there the 32 bit version of the plugin worked. (apart from slowing the program bit.) (with occasional wildly varying crackling when i pressed play ,that stopped when i pressed play again.)

But the 64 bit version caused immense crackling when i tried to change it to 64 bit and caused the 32bit plugin bridge to crash and didnt stop when i closed mpt.


Eh, i was also trying to change my email but the website demands password without letting me type it in?

Saga Musix

Valhalla Shimmer works just fine here. When you hear the crackling, does the plugin GUI indicate that the plugin is running through the plugin bridge (it will say "bridged" in the window title of the plugin)?

Quote from: sso on February 02, 2023, 11:00:54Eh, i was also trying to change my email but the website demands password without letting me type it in?

You need to enter your current password into the bottom-most input field on that page. Did you do that?
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Oh its... well, once i couldnt find the password for this site, (when i changed emails) so i set up a new identity here.
For some reason when i set up a new puter. I couldnt find the new identity , but amazingly i found the old one.

So, my new identity is using my current email,but this one is using a email i havent used for over a decade.

On valhalla shimmer. Going through it again, i reinstalled audio drivers , they had started to fuck up..

Well, all the valhalla shimmers im using (now 64 bit) are working. Except one of them , placed in slot 64 connected in a chain to Diva-classic compressor32bit-Trash2-valhallashimmer64. 

Is causing the crackling and did not work. (just prrruumpp ,pruummp and does not play anything except that.) I just changed the reverb to valhallavintageverb64 and the song plays fine.

Weird thing though.

Hey man thanks for all the help. I appreciate it. MPTM is my favorite toy/tool (i dont make money off it. :) ) And i love all the work you guys have done. Been a very cool decade and half (or something like that.) good times upon good times.


Well, its back to crackling like crazy but playing fine once i hit stop and press play again.

Also started to crash again, randomly. :) Lol.


eehhhh... Its mostly working fine. I tried the wasapi and that works better.

BUUT... the focusrite asio just sounds crisper and nicer.

And its kinda working, so im just gonna live with that. ;)