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Started by dexbasson, March 06, 2023, 08:15:17

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Hello everyone, so im messing with galaxy 3d audio (i want to make a song for the unreal tournament map that im making) and one thing left me curious.
I had a sine wave sample that was sounding just fine in the module but when i put it to listen on unrealEd it sounds nothing like a sine.
After some fiddling around i realized that if i render a little stream of the sine and loop it a bit after the sample starts it sounds just fine but if i delete everything and leave just the loop it sounds nothing like a sine again (the loop does start and ends at 0db)
I can work with this but im just curious about why this happens because i have other waveshapes that loop from beginning to end and they sound just fine

Saga Musix

Hard to tell without knowing any of the specifics, but Galaxy is and old and not particularly good module playback engine. It could very well be that it doesn't handle short samples well (accurately), in particular with linear interpolation enabled, it's an issue that is not unheard of in older sample mixers. There are probably similar issues with other short waveforms, but as a sine wave is as pure as a sample can be, any additional frequencies added due to bugs become easily audible, while e.g. a square wave might be much more forgiving to the same type of issues.
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