Does this website address and name give you the willies like it does me?

Started by newbie, September 04, 2022, 18:07:46

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I am sorry you see my words as a denial of the Lord.

Please do not put words in my mouth.  I did not deny him.  Keeping silent AS HE LEADS ME TO where he leads -- and SPEAKING OUT as HE LEADS ME TO where HE LEADS -- is absolutely NOT a denial of God.

I do not need scripture quoted at me because the spirit of GOD indwells within me.

If you would like to know more, I would encourage you to move this discussion to an appropriate forum.  Find me on Facebook.

This ends my participation in this thread.
Thank you all, everyone, for your time.
'slightly disturbed and wonderfully content'
*Master of the Obvious*


Christofori I am not saying that you are denying they Lord, I am saying that if I did not share my experience, I would feel like I was denying the Lord.

Saga Musix

Closing thread. ModPlug Central is not the place to evangelize people. Please refrain from doing so in the future, Newbie.
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