Is it possible to Echo notes?

Started by Shifty Geezer, August 16, 2022, 18:47:43

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Shifty Geezer

Hi all,

I used to use OctaMED back on Amiga. Now investigating OpenMPT to create video game music as far and away the most efficient format instead ghastly MP3 bloat. ;) Anyhow, MED had a feature where you could create an echo where notes were duplicated at decreasing volumes and interleaved with existing notes appropriately and it was a staple feature of MED mods. I'm exploring OpenMPT and I can't readily see such an option while search results turn up plugins 'n stuff. So is there the ability to select notes and echo them MED style?


Saga Musix

There's no way to do this automatically. The most typical way, if you don't want to resort to the built-in echo plugins, would be to lower the channel volume of a second (and maybe third) channel and then copy over the notes. Overflow paste mode greatly helps here because it will cause echo notes to continue being pasted in the next pattern as well.
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