recording into the sample editor???

Started by AngelDust, May 01, 2019, 00:17:50

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would you guys ever consider making this a feature?

being able to record in the sample editor? not infinitely, but say.. being able to record up to 1 minute of audio on loop recording.. like what garage band has where you can record multiple takes?



This is a feature I think many people have asked for, there could be so many good uses for it. capturing vstis on the go easily, and drum loop hard coding... Obviously as a singer I would love a mic input and indefinite recording, but that could be a piped dream.
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cool! good to know! i don't really use a lot of instruments in my music, it's mostly recordings all joined together so that would be much easier and faster just recording in modplug. it's all i'll ever use!


Started with modplug a few days ago after a 20 year break :) Must say that is is a feature I would enjoy very much, being able to record guitar/song without going to external software.