Author Topic: [Futurepop] - Vivian the Orbiter (MP3) Moody, trance, catchy  (Read 3665 times)

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This song is my last ones which has more trance-influences. It's a little bit older piece. This tells about the orbiter which travels through deep and cold universe alone and afraid. It can't affect to it's life, it must go on, go on and go on always deeper and deeper to the unknown...

Song name: Vivian the Orbiter
Genre: Futurepop (synthpop/trance)
File format: mp3
File size: 5,42 MB
Kbps: 160

Link to download:

There are some good trance songs and other synthpop songs on my artist page:

Thank you!

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[Futurepop] - Vivian the Orbiter (MP3) Moody, trance, catchy
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2006, 18:08:44 »
I like it, it sounds professional enough! Not very catchy as the title says, but theres still a nice scifi feel to it.