I used OpenMPT to make the entirety of BIRBOUT!'s soundtrack

Started by Jazztache, December 27, 2021, 12:01:07

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I've been making a pretty cool game called BIRBOUT! recently and I'd just like to extend my thanks for the OpenMPT team for creating a pretty cool piece of music software. Around early 2020 I pivoted away from FamiTracker for making music since I wanted something sample based since the VRC7 instruments I was making didn't cut it. I then basically just applied my FT knowledge to this program and got by without ever using any effects or plugins, which went a long way to getting the simple style of BIRBOUT!'s soundtrack.

For context, the game was made in Unity, and is about Sunny the Cockatiel fighting plovers to get her weapons back as well as her friend Snowy. The game needed an arcade-y sounding soundtrack because of the arcade platform shooter gameplay and I basically analysed some VG soundtracks and did some music theory stuff so I could get the skills to learn everything myself just from personal experience.  8)

Anyways after about three and a third years of work I finally released the game on Steam on the 5th December this year. A lot of people in my community ask me about how the music was made and how I managed to get the brassy arcade-y style I got that fit the game really well. I then usually turn on a stream on Discord and show them my interface and I always get a chuckle out the 'WTF...?' reactions of DAW users and other folks.  ;D I've come a long way from toying around in FT and I am finally putting in some work to learn plugins for updates to BIRBOUT! (although i might stay plugin-less to keep the style) and some of my other projects.

Since I'm not giving out the module files just yet for remixers and people who are interested (soz), I've decided to go to this part of the forums so I don't step on any toes. If you'd like to have a listen, the entire soundtrack is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5kpY8sEFcU
It's well over 2 hours long with chapters to help you navigate. The description was so big with all the chapters that I had to put the FAQ in the pinned comment.

If you have any feedback let me know. I kinda wished that OMPT has MP4 export but I'll have to post that on the issue tracker later ;)

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