Scream Tracker 2 (STM & STX) modules music collection

Started by Tigoro, December 25, 2021, 21:01:56

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669 files .stm format modules (unknow author - 357), 30 files .stx, 25 files - nikita ltd music format vmm (converted stm2vmm for old dos games).

Collected from modland and other sites, old iso and fdd images. datetime files ~ correct (may be :).
Clone music modules and Protracker music converted to STM removed (i hope...), some trash-style music can be present.

with best wishes for listening )

Saga Musix

A word of caution: Many of those files are direct conversons from other formats (typically ProTracker MOD). As ScreamTracker 2 had very peculiar effect interpretations, many of those files will not sound as intended. If you like a tune, look on ModArchive/ModLand if it exists in another format already.
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