How to make tracker rows into different time signature?

Started by The Muzykant, December 04, 2021, 07:35:42

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The Muzykant

Pretty much what the title says. I don't really understand how to set the rows properly. My main two questions are: how do I set the rows for 6/8 time signature and 3/4?

Do I put the pattern properties as 6 rows per beat with 16 rows per measure for 6/8? I would also appreciate any other info when it comes to reconfiguring the rows for any other time signatures. I'm rather used to the 4 rows per beat and 16 rows per measure, but recently I intend to do a remix whereby the original songs are in 6/8 time signature and 3/4 time signature.

Edit: I found an alternate way to make it easy for me to visualise the 6/8 time signature. Instead of modifying the pattern properties, just set the speed to 4. Every beat row is now the row I can place the bass drum for instance. (sorry for the lack of a better term). if anyone has the solution to the original issue I would appreciate it! :D

Saga Musix

3/4 means there are 3 quarter notes in a measure instead of 4 (as with the default 4 /4); it doesn't change anything about the length of those quarters. So the rows per beat don't need to be changed at all, just the rows per measure. You can calculate the rows per measure as (rows per beat) * (quarters per measure) / 4, so if there are 4 rows per beat, you get 12 rows per measure. Technically 6/8 is the same but typically interpreted as a more lively variant of 3/4, so doubling the number of rows per beat can make sense for 6/8. This means you'd get 8 rows per beat and 24 rows per measure.
Using 6 rows per beat isn't required for any of that, this is more often used if you want to use triplets in your music (dividing a quarter note into 3 24th notes instead of 4 16th notes). If you were going to use 6 rows per beat, you'd end up at 18 rows per measure as per the formula above.
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The Muzykant

Thank you so much Saga Musix for your assistance! :D Very easy to understand!