Using WaveShell plugins with OpenMPT

Started by Schmitty2005, November 26, 2021, 20:59:35

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I have several Waves brand plugins that I would like to use with OpenMPT. I have read that these are in a 'shell'.  Please see link below for reference.,The%20plugin%20wrapper%20will%20open%20showing%20a%20

Is there currently a way to get these 'shell' type plugins to work with OpenMPT ?  Any future enhancements in the works ? Waves does supply VST (not sure of which version 1.x or 2.x ) and VST3 versions of their plugins.

Thank you.

Saga Musix

Shell plugins are not supported and it's unlikely they are ever going to be. From my understanding, Waves was pretty much the only company making use of them (which pretty much rules out that I would ever be able to actually work with and test a shell plugin), and I remember that due to them not being supported by several hosts they also offered the same plugins as stand-alone DLLs in addition to the shell variant.
And if that's not the case, you can always try the shell2vst tool linked on that page.
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