(Hardstyle/Trap) Let's Keep Quiet Today (2021) (MP3)

Started by MellowNoiseKiev, November 09, 2021, 17:12:39

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my favorite pastime is to put poetry to music (if in the past it was an orchestra or slowdown, then here - hardstyle and trap)
whatever it was, this track was warmly received by everyone, and even by the author of the verse)))



I like how the trap part sounds way more og than the vast majority of modern trap music today, it kinda reminds me of the mid-to-late 2000s  8)
Also the hardstyle part is magnificent as always  ;D
You are allowed to remix my songs ONLY in TRANCE/GOA/PSYTRANCE GENRE and NO Trap HiHat Rolls PLEASE
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As always, I experiment with styles, since there are few such experiments in tracker versions.