MPTRewire 1.2 - OpenMPT to Ableton bridge

Started by vananaBanana, September 27, 2021, 10:32:53

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MPTRewire 1.2 has been released! It is now fully functional, faster, and safer AND open source!

Hi folks!
I've been working on and off on a neat little project for the last couple of months.

Essentially it is a ReWire implementation for OpenMPT, meaning every channel and plugin gets routed toward your master DAW to perform mixing and mastering.
It may or may not work with other DAWs that support ReWire, but I primarily designed and tested it on Ableton.

Here's a video of it in action (Yes I know I have childish humour and bad music taste):

Make sure to grab the Ableton Template project aswell.

Source code (includes (optional) APC40 mkII support):

How to use:
Open OpenMPT.
Go to OpenMPT Setup navigate to the "Sound Card" and select the device "REWIRE- ReWire".
Open/create a module and press play, you will get an error, no worries (yet).
Load up Ableton.
In OpenMPT, press play again.

(edit March 2024): I added extra functionality that allows you to swap/rename channels easily, and record to sample.
Follow the optional instructions in the latest version download.

Known bugs:
  • Syncing is not perfect with tempo changing commands.

Please email me for any questions & bug reports:

Cheers and I hope someone else has as much fun with it as I do :)


Cool plugin, thanks for the effort. This can expand the use cases for OpenMPT..


bumping for Open Source and 1.1 release :)

(sorry manx and saga)