How I found out about module formats

Started by Metro28, August 31, 2021, 03:41:29

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It all started with the Tom's Hardware videos, from there I started listening to some music.
I started looking for the musics that Tom's Hardware used and started downloading the musics with aTube Catcher. 8) (before May, I watched the videos that had the music and there I learned about Schism Tracker and Impulse Tracker since the video showed the trackers and I thought: is it so easy to compose music?)

In May, I didn't have internet anymore, and I started using my laptop, and the first thing I knew about was ModArchive, I downloaded some modules and I asked myself: how do I open this? ... after that I found out about XMPlay and started to to use it, first I had like 4 modules, now I have like 140,000. ::)

I started looking at Tom's Hardware when I was 4 years old. :D

How I found out about OpenMPT: I simply asked myself: how do I make simple music? and from there I got to know MadTracker 2 thanks to ModArchive ... but I saw it very limited and I decided to look further and I ended up getting to know OpenMPT. Now I know almost all of them in less than 2 months.