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Started by Metro28, August 27, 2021, 04:39:23

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OpenMPT is the best tracker I have; the way of composing music, the comfort, the advanced, etc. I would like to donate but I have no way to donate ... except for a way to donate that I can but they do not allow me. I made several songs in OpenMPT; I removed some, left others there, and have another one in ModArchive (don't listen to it, please).

I see that OpenMPT is one of the only trackers that keep updating...

Remember not to listen to the music that I have in ModArchive ;)

I will leave this forum for a few days (or maybe not), bye. :)

I have nothing more to say ::)

Saga Musix

I'm glad you enjoy OpenMPT but there's no need to feel bad for not donating; the project is well-funded currently. But it's far from being the only tracker that still receives updates (Schism, Milky, Renoise, ...)
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