ST, IT, etc. they work on Win32 but not on Win64

Started by Metro28, August 31, 2021, 14:19:26

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Impulse Tracker, IMAGO Orpheus, Scream Tracker, etc. they work in Windows 7 32 bits but in Windows 7 64 bits it does not work, why?

In 32 bits they work badly, it says lack of memory or they work very slow... But at least it works...
Unless my Windows 7 is useless anymore, it is a disaster, blues screens, explorer.exe crashes, etc.

Saga Musix

Because all of those are 16-bit applications and Microsoft decided not to update its NTVDM for 64-bit environments. Either way, NTVDM was never a good way to run multimedia DOS programs anways, you are much better off with DOSBox to run those.
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A good thanks Saga Musix, always solving my life.