Want to try a new plugin in MPT

Started by Rakib, August 25, 2021, 20:30:22

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just saw this cool new free plugin, melodyne style vst.
Is there any way to run this on Modplug Tracker and so smoothly as shown in the video, with just pasting the midi?


Saga Musix

Well first off they say it's a VST3 plugin which OpenMPT doesn't support, and even with using a VST3 <-> VST2 wrapper you wouldn't be able to get this functionality in OpenMPT:
- The VST2 API definitely has no features for drag&dropping MIDI between plugins and hosts.
- I'm not even sure how OpenMPT would implement this kind of feature if it was part of the VST3 specification. I mean, it should be clear that you cannot simply drag&drop MIDI notes into a tracker pattern. We could probably create a temporary MIDI file and load that, and then merge it into the current pattern. But there are a lot more things to take care of before this can happen. :)
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