note still playing after volume slide down

Started by fizz, August 22, 2021, 09:07:38

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im using the IT format and ive been spending a lot of time trying to locate and figure out why there is note somewhere that isnt being turned off. im pretty sure that its this pattern in channel 5 causing the issue but i dont see anything wrong. attached is also the entire file just in case im wrong. can anyone figure out what im doing wrong in this pattern and if it isnt where the problem is?

Saga Musix

That C-5 starts playing at volume 64 (the maximum volume) but only slides down 2 (two commands) * 5 (6 ticks per row -> slide command happens on all ticks but the first) * 5 volume units, that's only 50 and not 64. So after after those two commands you end up at volume 14, not 0. You'll need to add a third slide command like on the neighbouring channels.
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