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[Chiptune] Freedrive Chiptune (IT)
« on: July 14, 2021, 12:24:58 »
Well well, reaching out futher by posting some stuff here lol XD (I also thought it neatly fit the post form for this forum)

This is a track I made for a album still in concept state with the same name, so this would be the album tune.
It's planned to so far to feature me along with fellow tracker buddies ida and lila in a bunch of, yeah, free thought chiptune.
Chiptune that shouldn't be complex but still offer new exciting odd-thoughts in musicality.
Driving in that thread is why byte-samples*, as much as possible instead of chips, is used.
Also it's chiptune! which means small modules actively aiming for low size.
That's why most of the tunes made by only me will be these low-effort, 3-part progression looped tunes due to the size constraints.
*byte-samples are melodic 1kB samples, or "chips with an attack to sound a 'bit' more realistic" :)

It also participated in Spring Tracks X on BotB (more info on TMA)

TMA (module download)
Soundcloud (listen)
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My favourite chord transition: Fmaj9 -> Gadd9 :D (I also like it's ±1 semitone variants)