[solved] Can't drag & drop MIDI instrument into Instrument pane anymore

Started by Domarius, July 13, 2021, 03:29:04

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Hi guys, I used to do this all the time, not sure when this problem started happening, because although I keep OpenMPT updated (currently using, probably slightly out of date atm), I use it quite infrequently, and this is the first time I've created a new song in a while.

Here's an animated GIF of me trying to drop a new MIDI instrument into the instrument pane. I'm running this through WINE on Linux, Manjaro.

Saga Musix

OpenMPT doesn't ship any MIDI instruments, so on Windows it uses the GM.DLS soundfont if it's present on the system (which has always been the case since Windows 98). On Wine, there is no equivalent, so you need to manually import a MIDI library yourself. This can be any soundfont supported by OpenMPT, so you can copy over GM.DLS from a Windows system or use any other nicer-sounding soundfont. Just right-click on any MIDI library item and click "Import MIDI Library".
More information can be found in the Tree View chapter of the manual.
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Ah thank you. I suspected it might be something like this, I think it has just been a long time. Because it seems I have GM.DLS in my SF2 folder for this very occasion. I've always leaned on the general midi library as somewhere to start, and I really like that feature of OpenMPT.

Now it's working great :)