Norton LifeLock really doesn't like the latest installer

Started by vince94, July 12, 2021, 00:45:51

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For every sample in the demo song, Norton causes the installer to hang for two seconds and throws up this screen. You have wait, then click "Skip this file" for each sample, and for everything in ReleaseNotesImages.
I'm sure you already know about this, 'cause I think this happened to me a few years ago, but I just want to post it just in case.

Saga Musix

There is literally nothing we can do about this. Report the problem to Norton so that they fix their shit. It's not like we have any code interacting with Norton - Norton interacts messes with our (or rather our installer's) code.

And after you reported the problem, I suggest to uninstall Norton. The built-in Windows Defender is more than enough protection for your computer.
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Will do! I swear I've gotten nothing but false positives from them.