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Started by Violette, June 18, 2006, 17:50:17

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Quote from: "Violette"Just wondering - what allows for most spontaneity - tracking or sequencing?
Playing a live instrument. Really. Or just humming if you can't play but it has to be live.
Both trackers and sequencers work "offline", that means, non-realtime. Most spontaneous things come in realtime so they require realtime expression.
When I get an idea I think about it, I hum, whistle or whatever. Maybe grab a guitar (if I have some) or record my humming onto a nearest recording device (mostly an mp3 player).
But if you can play guitar or keyboard, it allows for great spontaneity and improvisation. Keyboardist have better chances in world of electronic music since MIDI keyboards are cheaper and more widespread than MIDI guitar pickups. But one can also record whole guitar jam session as wave while playing back tracked/sequenced parts. The possibilities are virtually endless.
Still, best expressiveness is achieved playing live and realtime, not tracking neither sequencing.
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I forgot to thank you for the good reply Mikosoft. Thanks.