Why doesn't vibrato work?

Started by dublUayaychtee, June 10, 2021, 22:43:50

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I am using the Hxx effect in .mptm format, and the vibrato is not creating any audible effect. I've tried setting the vibrato by double clicking and using the drop down menu and sliders, but that also is not working. How can this be fixed?


Nevermind, I realized I needed to put it on each row, not just the first.

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Note that when working with samples, you can also configure a vibrato that is always played when the sample itself is played, saving you some pattern commands; look into the Auto Vibrato section.
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Also, H00 will use the last entered value, so H82 followed by lots of H00 will make all H82, which makes it a lot easier to change the vibrato at a later state.
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