*.sid implementation

Started by 6xes, March 07, 2021, 03:44:30

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yes the Old c64  :D
will the *.sid format ever become intergrated into OpenMPT?

i find it tricky isolating the C64 sounds patterns/instruments in some of the current players :-s

Saga Musix

It's not possible for a variety of reasons. SID is not a module format. SID files contain binary code that runs on the C64's CPU, not pattern data. And of course they would require a complete C64 emulation to be played back, not just the sound chip.
There are some old attempts at converting SID back to usable music data (e.g. SID2MID), but the results are very poor by the very nature of the format.
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okay thanks, its good to know cheeRs