Tutorial help - "Insert" - am I missing something?

Started by 6radley, January 27, 2021, 21:05:42

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I'm learning the basics of OpenMPT right now and I am going through the tutorial. I've just gotten to the step where we are trying to program in an echo without a plugin, and everything seems to be going great until I get to the "press Insert 3x" part. When I hit insert, all of the notes in the column dissapear, so when it says "you should notice that the notes in column 8 are..." I'm like "what notes? Its a completely empty column..." I'm following these tutorial steps button by button but I think this section might be incomplete or misleading because I dont understand what I've done wrong.

Saga Musix

Hello and welcome to OpenMPT. Did you maybe select the whole channel or parts of the channel? If you press Insert, there will be as many rows inserted as there are in the selection. So make sure that there is no selection and just the edit cursor is placed at the correct place.
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Hello, and welcome to oMPT :)
I was thinking maybe some screenshots of each step as you go along will help us see where you might be going wrong.
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