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(UK Garage / House) leomaylife - Stunning [facebook]
« on: December 20, 2020, 02:12:07 »

hey everyone! I just found out about trackers today I've never heard of it beyond seeing an amiga video on youtube once. I'm so excited it makes so much sense, Ive just spent loads on my hardware setup with a roland groovebox, I might have to sell it all!! I made a garage tune, sampling my synths using my roland rc3 to record hits as wavs, and the drums are off a samples from mars free sample pack of a cassette tape recording of a 909 drum machine. the mod tracker can groooove babay. I'm singing through the chorus effect on a piece of roland gear, im getting an old tc helicon voicelive for christmas (60 quid! bargain) so cant wait to incoporate autotune live into my set up. I'm recently coming from 10 years producing on logic 9 but my lappy died and im seeking a new path, cant afford ableton, mod trackers it is!

thankyouuu just search leomaylife on everything if you dig it, more videos on youtube.

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Re: (UK Garage / House) leomaylife - Stunning [facebook]
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2020, 11:05:34 »

Nice, but keep in mind that trackers have their own limitations, many quite pertinent. It's a very old concept and modern DAWs have a lot of workflows that are not possible with trackers.

Trackers are very cool and they can make you work in ways you wouldn't with a more typical DAW. But I would definitely feel too limited if trackers would be my only tool.