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(metal) Rebel Song (mp3, mptm)
« on: December 15, 2020, 13:24:18 » - mp3 - mptm

(might be hair metal since I have long hair and I sing melodically... no growling in it unfortunately, but I might make a version with some growling eventually)


politics are fucking stupid, only care about themselves
never thinking about other people, we'll put an end to this some day

must bow down to their gods
(the people)

dig your heart out, let it breathe
no matter who you are, you're far from free.

it is all fucking stupid, nothing going through their minds
they try to kill us all, then party all damn night

we'll get all the weapons, and blow them all up
tired of their shit, OVER, IT'S OVER
we'll cheer when they're cornered and afraid,

the house always wins (the people)

you breathe in the lies, infested cells
reject the doctrines, set your thoughts free

vsts you will need (not counting Direct X):
CabEnhance Final 104
Double Tracker
SNO5G Limiter

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