How to "compress" or "to join together" multiple Channels

Started by Falken, December 13, 2020, 05:55:03

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Hello! Its sadly me again, and for this one I couldn't find an answer.

I've edited a MIDI and Imported it with OMPT as Open MPT Module. The thing is all the notes are really far away wasting a lot of channels. Some channels are used by a single note (I got a total of 35 channels). How can I avoid this? What is causing it? There's a way to somehow "compress" the channels in less channels?.

Thanks in advance

Saga Musix

MIDI import will re-use channels whenever possible, so if a channel is never used again by a note, it probably means that this note-on event is missing a corresponding note-off event in the MIDI file and the MIDI file needs to be fixed. OpenMPT also never puts notes from different MIDI channels into the same pattern channels, but if you think it's safe to do that (channels have same volume and panning state etc.), you can manually copy the notes over from one channel to the other after import.
Generally, making a MIDI import look pretty or organized will be a lot of manual work.
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Thank you so much! After looking into the source MIDI I fixed some "let ring" notes that went unoticed and were the ones causing the "Channel Spam" issue. Now I reduced the number of channels from 35 to just 10 and all are properly used.