One VST effect with two different settings in one module?

Started by Alex TEHb, October 14, 2020, 08:25:45

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Alex TEHb

Whether it is possible to use one VST effect with two different presets in one module?

For example, From VST-Reverb for strings to use preset reverb-Hall, and for guitar - preset reverb-Canyon...
If yes, as it to realize that?


I don't remember any DAW to support that, yet alone any trackers. You have to create an extra plugin slot, if you need a different preset. Not even PC and PCs notes can help you with this, as they change the parameters of all instances that use the same plugin slot.

Alex TEHb

While waited for the answer, found the same solution: :)
To place a plug-in in two slots with different settings, and then to use them with the necessary instruments.
Confused that if further to use one of slots on a path, but not on instruments, then settings at both plug-ins identical... :(