[SOLVED] Play notes when scrolling through pattern

Started by MLDesigns, October 13, 2020, 19:43:38

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Is it possible to have the song / notes play in a pattern if you use the arrow / cursor keys to scroll?

Ex: if I press the down arrow key to scroll through the pattern, I want the notes to play as they pass the highlighter bar.

Saga Musix

There is a shortcut to play the current row. If you do not want to hit it every time after hitting a cursor key, you could set the hidden setting "AllowMultipleCommandsPerKey" to 1 and then bind both the pattern navigation and the "play current row" shortcuts to the same cursor key.

Alternatively you can just apply the "play current row" key on key-up instead of key-down in which case the hidden setting doesn't have to be toggled.
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Thank you! I now have it so it plays the current row when pressing down, which is exactly what I wanted! :)