Please help spotting issues with cue points!

Started by Saga Musix, October 12, 2020, 17:13:25

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Saga Musix

For those actively using the latest development versions, you have probably already noticed that OpenMPT 1.30 features a very handy timeline in the sample editor now, and cue points - which were previously stashed away into the context menu only - are now finally visualized and easily editable.
Making cue points visible in the sample editor has revealed how hiding them in the menu has always treated them like second-class citizens: In sample editing operations they behaved differently from loop points, so e.g resampling a sample adjusted the loop points accordingly, but cue points didn't move. I think most of these cases are handled properly now, but it's possible that I still missed some of them. This is where your help comes in: If you're a user of OpenMPT development versions, I'd appreciate if you kept an eye on cue points when editing samples and report any inconsistencies you might encounter (like in the resampling example described above) and report them here. Bugfixes for cue points will also be ported back to OpenMPT 1.29 where it's possible.
As always, you can grab the latest test builds at
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