Remainig VST effects tails

Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), October 12, 2020, 16:53:53

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Would there be a way to avoid vst fx tails to be played each time I play or continue playing a song ?

For instance : I play a channel sample in a long delay vst.

I press the stop button right after.
All is topped, which is fine.
But when I re-"play" or "continue" the song, the remaining delay tail of the previously played and stopped sample will play, which is really annoying, when you explore a song note by note, for instance.

Could all notes and effects just be reseted, when stopping and even pausing playing ?

Or maybe I missed some option somewhere ?


Saga Musix

OpenMPT asks plugins to clear their state everytime you stop playback. Many plugins don't adhere to the standard though so their reverb tails / etc. keep playing. Not much we can there except for asking plugin authors to fix their stuff.
I know we have an option in stream export which tries to work around this, but since some plugins will simply never stop rendering audio, OpenMPT has to silently process those plugins for several seconds. If they don't stop producing sound after a while it just gives up and starts rendering the file anyway. However, doing the same thing for the play button can be very costly because OpenMPT would have to render up to 10 seconds (or some other arbitrarily chosen value) of each plugin, which would mean that every time you hit the start button there would be a noticeable delay until playback continues.
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OK thanks, I was pretty convinced about that, but wanted to be sure.